How to get OpenFisca

For which use ?

You might use OpenFisca with two different approaches:

  • if you're more an economist, you might just want to do some tax simulations, or implement fiscal reforms. Then follow instructions in Section "For Users".

  • if you want to contribute to the source code and to develop and/or fix part of it, you will have to install OpenFisca on your machine. Then follow the section "For Developers".

What to install?

Depending on your use you'll want to install some parts of OpenFisca, or none:

  • If you need to implement some parts of the legislation as OpenFisca formulas, or fill some values for parameters of the legislation, you'll want to install OpenFisca-France.

  • If you're developing a web application and need to trigger a computation, you won't need to install anything. Just send an AJAX request to the public Web API.

    • But if you generate too much traffic we ask you to deploy your own version of the web API. This happens with important applications like